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Other Rentals

The Aloha Room, is a large showroom available for birthday, corporate and other parties, or classes. During the years many stars have performed in the Aloha Room. Stars that include Dick Van Patten, Barbara McNair, Henry Cuesta, Joey Heatherton, Ed Begley, Peter Marshall, the Ink Spots, the Platters, Pat Buttram, Helen Forrest, Roberta Sherwood and of course Horace Heidt. See the Media tab for more information.


Due to our original and unique tropical visual settings, Horace Heidt Estates has been used as location shots for numerous movies like Reno 911 and Primary Colors; TV shows like CSI, Dragnet, Invasion & Six Feet Under & commercials.

Below are clips from movies filmed at Horace Heidt Estates. “Primary Colors” and “Reno 911!: Miami

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Horace Heidt Estates also has available for rent, a full service 32 track recording studio. Complete with engineers, the studio has a build in video screen for overdubbing and 1200 sq. ft. of space for bands & orchestras of all sizes.

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